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Twantay Township

  • Country : Myanmar
  • City : Yangon
  • Description :

    Twante Township also Twantay Township is a township in the Yangon Region of Burma (Myanmar). It is located west across the Hlaing River from the city of Yangon. The principal town and administrative seat is Twante. The township is home to the Shwesandaw Pagoda (known as "Golden Hair Relic Pagoda" in English) and it is believed to contain strands of hair from the head of Gautama, and its annual pagoda festival is held on Burmese New Year. The longest man made canal in Myanmar is Twante canal and it is also a shortcut waterway to Ayawaddy river to Yangon river which divides Twante Township with its length of 35 km and there is one bridge that spans the canal is called Twante bridge. Baungdawgyoke Monastery in Twante Township is one the famous as there are pagodas including the replica of Mahabodhi Temple.

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