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Merlion Park

  • Country : Singapore
  • City : Singapore City
  • Description :

    Merlion Park is a Singapore landmark and major tourist attraction, located near one Fullerton, Singapore, near the Central Business District (CBD).

    The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion is head and the body of a fish that is widely used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Two Merlion statues are located at the park. The original Merlion structure measures 8.6 meters tall and spouts water from its mouth. It has subsequently been joined by a Merlion cub, which is located near the original statue and measures just 2 metres tall.

    This icon is a must-see for tourist visiting Singapore, similar to other significant landmarks around the world.

    Things to do when at Merlion Park : Take a stroll at the park, Watch the light and Water Show at Marina Bay

    Merlion Park Timing : Opens 24 hours daily

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