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Kyaikthale Village

  • Country : Myanmar
  • City : Yangon
  • Description :


    Kyaikthale village is home to the Mingalar Bio Garden, nearly 6-acres plot of fertile land that was turned into an essential hotspot for vegetable production shortly after the Cyclone Nargis disaster in 2008. The main beneficiary of the nutrient rich food grown here is a nearby monastic school, home to over 800 students. The aftermath of the cyclone led to severe food shortage and the residents of the monastic school were forced to live off basic staples such as rice and cooking oil, which of course led to the students being severely malnourished. In a bid to provide essential nutrients to the resident’s diet, the Mingalar Bio Garden was established (thanks to funding by a generousentrepreneur) and to this day, it continues to play a vital and cost effective role to the school’s food provisions.

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