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Koh Phangan Island

  • Country : Thailand
  • City : Ko Samui, Surat Thani
  • Description :

    Pha Ngan Island is a world-famous one; especially Rin Beach where the well-known full moon party has been taken place in every full moon night. However, tourists visit there all year long, specifically in the summer.

    Pha Ngan Island is the area of Suratthani Province and is approximately 100 kilometer from the heart of the mentioned province. Pha Ngan Island comprises of two main islands: Pha Ngan and Tao. Most area of the mentioned islands are mountains. Only one-forth is a beach. Sand dune and coral reef are located around the island.

    Apart from the beautiful beach and deep blue sea water, Pha Ngan Island offers tourists natural attractions i.e. waterfalls, mountains, local coconut farms and fishery at Chokechalam Village. Wonderful scenery is waiting for you since you are on board at the island. Pha Ngan Island is not far away from Samui Island where is one of the Thailand’s leading tourist attraction.

    Located 70kms from the mainland and approximately 12 kms way from Koh Samuii which acts as the main airlink to Koh Phangan
    Attraction Operating time Daily 7am - 6pm

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