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Karaweik Hall

  • Country : Myanmar
  • City : Yangon
  • Description :

    The Karaweik Hall, also known as Karaweik Palace is one of Yangon’s many landmarks. From a distance the Karaweik Hall looks like a huge golden barge floating on Kandawgyi Lake, glittering in the sun.

    After dark the Karaweik barge is lit up in spotlights, the golden stupa reflecting in the water of Lake Kandawgyi.

    The hall actually is a concrete structure looking like two enormous golden birds with a roof in the shape of a Pyatthat, a Burmese style multi tiered very ornate roof structure. The prow of the ship is built in the shape of a Karaweik, a bird from Burmese mythology. A golden ball is hanging from its beak. The back of the structure is formed by the tail of the Karaweik bird in red and gold colors, on top of the tail is a depiction of a Nat spirit.

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