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Flight of The Gibbon from Bangkok

  • Country : Thailand
  • City : Bangkok
  • Description :

    Amazing the experience with the adventure activities with Flight of the Gibbon .A Flight of the Gibbon Zipline course is designed for adventure and excitement. The course includes a combination of Ziplines, double Ziplines, abseils, skybridges and spiral staircases. The layout is designed to maximize your enjoyment of the stunning rainforest environment as you fly from tree to tree. Every group is accompanied by two highly trained and experienced sky rangers. They will take care of your safety and also educate you on the local flora, fauna and point out everything unique to this rainforest reserve.

    The location is approximately halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya, located inside the Khao Kheow zoo,Chonburi
    Open Hours : 6am - 7pm
    Zipline Restrictions : The Zipline is suitable for almost everyone
    - Must be under 125kg in weight
    - At least 1 meter tall to fit into the safety harness correctly
    - Frequently have children as young as 5 years old and adults up to 70.
    - Have any existing medical condition must to contact for discuss

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