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Fireflies And Kuala Selangor

  • Country : Malaysia
  • City : Kuala Lumpur
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    Kampung Kuantan fireflies : is well known for its fireflies. Lots of the fireflies nest only available here. Moreover, there has been opinion that magical fireflies are only available at two places in the world and one of it is in Kampung Kuantan. The adventure of the fireflies is area began in the early 1970s by a local businessman who saw the commercial potential of this miracle. Now, the adventure has been entrusted to the Kuala Selangor District Council and has expanded rapidly with the addition of 27 small boats that are provided for the visitors.
    Kuala Selangor Nature Park: is a prak located by the mouth of Selangor River in Kuala Selangor District, With a width of 296 hectare that is divided to 2 main parts that is a 201 hectare wide Tropical Rainforest and the balance is Swamp Forest . The park is under the management of the Malaysia Nature Lovers Association. Because of that, the natural beauties of the park are preserved without any habitat damage that has been the loyal tenants here.

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