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Eagle Track Zipline Chiang Mai

  • Country : Thailand
  • City : Chiang Mai
  • Description :

    Flying like an Eagle!
    Extremely Fun & Safe Unforgettable Activities Wonderful Area.
    Welcome to Eagle track zipline our zipline adventure is perfectly located under an hour outside of chiang mai city center. Situated between three hill tribe villages, up in a hillside with paddy fields and the Maeram river flowing below, we are open three packages zipline canopy adventure in a cooperative agreement with the local Hmong and Karen communities.

    Find your own true self. thrill rids with a sense of fun that comes with the highes level of security&safe with imported equipments and experienced staffs. Eagle track zipline provided 3 different perspectives through rainforest, waterfall and cultivate area.

    Surprisingly fun and exciting with great activities, spiral staircase, hill tribe ladder, kung fu walk, zig-zag walk way, monkey bridge, flying skateboard, sky bridge, climbing net, timber balancing beams, zodiac bridge, tackle spider web, abseiling, monkey ladder and walk on bamboo bridge with a beautiful water fall.

    Eagle Track Zipline is a community-based tourism operator. Our zipline ECO adventure is operated in a co-operative menner with the ethno-ecoagricultural livelihood eonservation group in Bann Wang Hang, Maeram.

    Tumbol Maeram in th maerim district, is the location for our zipline adventure, which is less than one hours drive from Chiang Mai's city center. Near to our base camp, you can see the Maeram river became Wanghang fall and Tad Mok fall there you can visit both of them. Inarea of our base camp nearby paddy fields being farmed with crops of rice, soy beans and egg plants being grown or harvested.

    Three villages are situated close-by, one near the base camp, another is up the hillside to our gold package and bronze package sting point. The local villager have invited to be our staffs and they gave got full training to be a contluctor, mean while if you be there you will get the best takking care and the best service from them, meantime Eagle Track Zipline is support and goodcare of local villager. to share theme a good job also mean all of our clients are support local villager. The region has been grown popies, that mean before people were grown popies to havested an opium but now the region are change to trown rice, egg plants, soy beans ect., also Eagle Track Zipline is offer the job for villager but the best project is The Royal Project.

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