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Chinatown Bangkok

  • Country : Thailand
  • City : Bangkok
  • Description :

    Settled in the 1780's by Chinese merchants, Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand retains a large ethnic Chinese community who still continue their own traditions and religious ceremonies. Famous for its markets and numerous gold shops, the area caters largely to the local population and contains a number of busy, almost frenetic market areas concentrated around a network of roads, alleys and small streets. Local favourites include Nakom Kasem market and Sampeng Lane, a long, narrow pedestrian lane crammed with masses of goods from hair slides (sold by the dozen) to kitchen utensils.

    The area around Yaowarat road, Chinatown's main street, is fascinating for its Chinese pharmacies and unbelievable concentration of gold shops. Bordering Chinatown is Paruhat Cloth Market with a huge selection of batiks, sarongs and general fabric. A largely ethnic Indian area, Paruhat has some excellent local Indian restaurants and a large shopping mall selling handicrafts.

    If you love seafood, then Chinatown is the place to be in Bangkok. Head to the famous Yaowarat Road after dark to find some of the best eats in the city. If you are not sure where to begin, just follow the crowd. If you see a herd of Thais eating at a certain stall, it is most likely because of the amazing food. Fai-Kaew Yao Wa-Rat is one seafood stall that draws in some of Bangkok’s biggest crowds. There are numerous dishes to choose from, including stir-fried crab and sweet and sour shrimp. The cook is a crowd pleaser, shooting flames high into the air while diners look on.

    Located Yaowarat Road,Bangkok
    Attractions Open Hours : Daily (9am - 12pm)

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