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Bagan City

  • Country : Myanmar
  • City : Bagan
  • Description :

    Ancient City of Bagan Bagan (Pagan) with over 2000 Pagodas and Temples in upper Myanmar and you can visit Bagan all year round as there is no actual rainy Season like in the lower parts of Myanmar, therefore we called it Sommer Season.
    Bagan (Pagan) with their Pagodas and Temples dating back more than 1500 years of history is the most fascinating place for visitors. Also you can have a idyllic Sunset Boat trip on the Ayeyarwaddy River to observe the beautiful Sunset over Bagan

    Bagan (Pagan) is also a great place for beautiful local Art, such as Lacquer ware, Bamboo works and beautiful local made Cloth.

    Located Bagan is an ancient city in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar
    Attraction opening hours : 6am – 8pm

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