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Art in Paradise Bangkok

  • Country : Thailand
  • City : Bangkok
  • Description :

    Art in Paradise, Bangkok is a museum which exhibits interactive art. It is a permanent exhibition that audience can take photo and touch the paintings. The photo will very according to the posed, the facial expressions of individuals.

    Moreover, the photo make the audience become a part of artwork or integrated into the works as they are one with the painting

    Art in Paradise is different from other museum, Not only audience can appreciate the picture here, they can enjoy with every picture by using their imagination as if they are main role of that painting.

    Each painting in our museum is unfinished, whenever the audience comes to take a photo, the painting is 100% completed.

    Art in Paradise museum is full of memories and fun people can enjoy art with the whole family, friends, couples and tourist.

    Besides 3D painting, there is a new corner, interactive media; media exhibition that can with the audiences by responding to their facial expression and gesture For Art in Paradise Bangkok, Artists were made 150 paintings in this place to have some partfor connecting together so this is actually 1 picture and maybe the biggest picture in the world!.

    Opening Hours:
    - 10:00am-22:00 pm, daily

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